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    your image is 45GB? thats kind of on the larger size.
    Why is it so big?
    Hows is your progress going with these things?
    What kind of post install management system are you using?

    in reply to: postflight script and sudo commands #380526

    just to take this one step further… im pretty certain you cannot call sudo from within a script.
    any more accomplished unix guys wish to shed a steadier light on this?

    in reply to: iLife 11 Packages #380525

    here is another spin on the deal.
    Because I have a base image WITH certain software that I use for the next X months, I often add non-trivial installs to the base-image setup manually so that I don’t have to sit through them each time I change my image. Right now only the 10.6.6 combo update and the ilife 11 install are in my pre-cache base image.
    I created a folder and copied the contents of the ilife install dvd to that folder (JUST the installer packages, nothing else, all into one folder) and then I added the following lines to my instadmg script:

    log “Begining iLife11 installation” information
    /usr/sbin/installer -verboseR -dumplog -pkg “./InstallerFiles/02/Packages/iLife.pkg” -target “$TARGET_IMAGE_MOUNT” -lang “$ISO_CODE” 2>&1 | (while read INPUT; do log “$INPUT ” detail; done)
    log “iLife11 installed” information
    That is placed at approximately line 790 just before the create cached image section.
    simple, kludgy, but it works and it does for me what I needed which was ilife 11 on ALL my images, without waiting 30 minutes each time.


    I hope im not too late to help.
    You have narrowed it down already, Im just not certain you noticed it.
    From what you said so far, the issue sounds like it is (somehow) the office daemon.
    to prove it is pretty simple.
    Take a machine that WONT launch PS, run the ms quitall script, or simply quit all microsoft programs plus kill the database daemon.
    launch PS. I bet it works.
    now, how or why the MS database daemon is causing this issue, I could not begin to tell you.

    in reply to: set Computer & Local Hostname with firstboot script #380515

    you can also, if you dont want to do it after user login, do one of two other things:
    Have your script check for IP address and if its not there, kill itself and respawn after 30 seconds.
    create a file as counter.
    If the file is not there, create the file and reboot the machine
    If the file is there, set the computer and host name
    If you need examples on how to do this stuff, i can go drag it up from wherever I last left it all.

    in reply to: InstaDMG deployment #380243

    throw a line at the end, before it closes the image to changes, to
    [code]rm -rf $3/install[/code]

    in reply to: post setup scripts for individualizing machines #380242

    oh, and my post image script is in use, looks like crap and is up for offer to anyone who wants it… but I cant post it here cause the system flags it as spam…. ick

    in reply to: post setup scripts for individualizing machines #380241

    and just to add to something (this thread) that everyone has forgotten:
    over at MACOSX hints they put up (thank you tlarkin I think) this lovely hint:
    [code]networksetup -help | grep addpref
    Usage: networksetup -addpreferredwirelessnetworkatindex [password][/code]

    original hint here: [url][/url]

    in reply to: adding exceptions to the Firewall #379694

    there is some excellent info here:
    this can all be done through a bash script.

    in reply to: I am not the Dread Pirate Roberts… #379606

    I hope you’ll poke your head in from time to time.
    Thats fantastic news.
    Your coding will be missed, but its all good.

    in reply to: Setting up menu items #378441

    [QUOTE][u]Quote by: Allister[/u][p]…
    LocalMCX is a only as difficult to wrap your brain around as MCX itself IMHO, and I don’t have the practical need to have tried it or figured it out just yet, but can you use OD? All these things are easier and GUI-tastic with Apple’s supported, recommended tools….[/p][/QUOTE]

    The answer: YES.

    ok fine, more details.

    The answer is yes, you can use the gui built into the Server Tools to create/tweak/research/import/export/corrupt/destroy/rebuild your MCX settings.
    1) its easy to do
    2) crutch though it may be, it actually does not reduce your ability to control the nitty gritty so… use it
    3) if you read the posts at [url][/url] (not just that one) you can see how to use both the command line and the GUI, as well as some good instructions on using it to good effect, correctly setting it, how to handle exceptions, and explanations on some wierd settings.

    MCX actually makes life easier because it reduces the things people can easy muck up on their own.
    The bluetooth and time machine menu bar extras can both be turned on and off easily from the GUI or command line using mcx.
    The time machine dock item is …. harder to get rid of.
    good luck and ask every question you can come up with, if your struggling with it, so is someone else.

    in reply to: Finder Side Bar #378440

    the reason it does not take place until after logout-log-back-in is that your changing a setting that is only read at the start of the user session.
    You could make it take effect immediately by bouncing the finder, but thats probably not worth it.
    You COULD put this into your instaDMG build train by pointing it at the default user, but be careful with that, there are cleaner methods (read below) but what you would do is:
    [code]defaults write /System/Library/User\ Template/English.lproj/Library/Preferences/ SidebarSharedSectionDisclosedState -bool false[/code]
    That would have it set ‘properly’ with every new user created.

    ALSO, this can be doen (more permanently) with…. wait for it… may favorite answer…..
    Local MCX!
    I would very much suggest you spend an hour reading everythign here on local MCX OR read the three or four posts at [url][/url] managing OSX… thats just the latest article, read from the first, they are great and simple and most of the posts in these forums are founded on/refer to/corrected by these posts.

    good luck, enjoy, mcx WILL simplify things.

    in reply to: Script for joining WPA2 Personal Wireless Network #378439

    so many moons ago I promised to work on a script for this, instead I got shunted into other projects and other work (kbox, security, AD logins etc)
    in the mean time this has now raised it head again.
    Has anyone else who said they were working on it made any progress or am I still starting with little more than the script from Homepup and spider’s boot hack for it?

    in reply to: this whole flat package deal? #378438

    ok,… the usual basic questions need to be answered:
    What OS are you using to build your image (the box that is running InstaDMG script)?
    This is probably something you have heard before, but…. it really works better if everything is using the same major OS number ie, 10.5 builds 10.5.1-8 machines while 10.6 builds 10.6.1-3, etc…
    the reason i ask is that I have not had any issues at all with flat packages form apple (though growl is still annoying me).

    in reply to: Who’s using InstaDMG… need names for Macworld #378012

    I can’t speak for my current employer (they get persnickity about these things) but while I was at the National Cancer Institute, we used InstaDMG there to build our mac images.
    I realise its too late, but I too wanted to let you know its in use in big place with LOTs of machines, you created a real hit.

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