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AFP548 was founded in early 2002 as a community for Mac sysadmins, and today covers everything to do with Apple IT – from iOS to OS X.  Its mission is to offer in-depth coverage and articles focusing on the latest developments in the Apple IT world, as well as reader-contributed content and a community of helpful sysadmins.

While AFP548 does have regular contributors, it would not be the community it is without user-generated content.  There is an extensive wiki available at wiki.afp548.com, and every edit there can help thousands of sysadmins worldwide.  In addition, some of the best articles have been written by the many members of the AFP548 community.  If you have an interest in writing for AFP548, please email [email protected].  All contributions are welcome, and will be appreciated by many.


AFP548 is currently managed by Nate Walck and Samuel Keeley, both longtime Macintosh systems administrators.


As an advertiser, you can reach thousands of the top Mac sysadmins every day, as well as support one of the longest running Apple communities.  Advertisers can directly purchase ads here, and inquires can be made via email to [email protected].

Samuel Keeley

Samuel Keeley can frequently be found in ##osx-server on Freenode, or on Twitter @keeleysam.

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  • LOVE the new site look! Great job, folks!

  • I’m having problems creating topics. I’ve tried to create the same topic a couple times in https://www.afp548.com/forums/forum/osx-server/questions-and-answers/ but every time I hit submit I get a bbp-template-error: ERROR: Your topic cannot be empty. I made sure that I had a topic title (under 80 characters) and that every other field was filled out. Can you get in touch with me to troubleshoot this? I’m assuming you have my contact info since I registered via github.

  • Just wondering: the forums all seem pretty dead (last content is 9 months or older). Where do I ask questions or find information on – say – Portable Home Directories? Searching for PHD turns up empty.

  • What happened?
    A couple of years afp548 was the perfect place to go for info and questions. Now it’s totally dead. Where did everybody go?

  • What happened to the forums? It seems that posting is broken and now your community has all moved on.. shame.

  • just getting the following error when I attempt to create any new topic post etc “ERROR: Your topic cannot be empty.” obviously my topic isn’t empty ? is this site alive or should I look elsewhere ? Pity such a useful resource has dried up, since getting useful non plebian info from apple seems difficult ?

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