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Using serveradmin to backup and restore your configs

We all know about those little tear-off things in the bottom right hand corner of Server Admin, right? They're a very handy way of backing up your config before making a change. Just drag it off to your desktop, make your changes and if it all goes pear-shaped, just drag it back and sanity is restored. That's all well and good, but not exactly scriptable.

Enter serveradmin… 

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Xserve RAID update

In a small rev., Apple today announced support for 750GB drives in the Xserve RAID – now giving it a massive 10.5 TB capacity. Along with that also came a price drop.

The drives are available as a CTO option – the standard configs are 1TB, 3.5TB and 7TB

Full details are on the Xserve RAID site

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Quicktime Streaming Server – An Overview

Quicktime Streaming Server is not often talked about as one of the *big* features of OS X Server, but if you need to stream audio or video content it’s hard to beat. We’re going to take a look at setting up QTSS, the options available for broadcasting your live or pre-recorded content, and how to deploy a highly scalable, redundant solution using a load balancer to ensure performance levels.

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*** WIP *** Mail shoot-out

Well, it was going to be a big shoot-out with all the big names in OSXS Mail solutions, but trawling through them all would have taken far too long and got far too boring. So imagine that the preliminary rounds took place behind close doors and you’re here for the final. We’re going to be pitching the commercial Kerio Mail Server up against free-if-you-don’t-need-all-the-features Zimbra Collaboration suite which comes in 3 flavours (one free, and two paid-for).

Read on for the results…

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Xsan 1.3 Released

The first Apple announcement at NAB 2006 is the release of Xsan 1.3 – the biggest improvement being the ability to use LUNs greater than 2TB, removing the need to slice your 7TB RAIDs. Read on for the other improvments…

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ARD 3 Released

Yes, it’s here! With new features including remote Spotlight searches, remote drag and drop, shared clipboards, curtain mode, Automator actions, a task server and smart computer lists there’s a veritable feast of stuff to get excited about. Check out the new Apple Remote Desktop page.

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Boot Camp!

So, it’s not exactly server related, but it’s worth mentioning. Today Apple have released the public beta of Boot Camp – a piece of software to simplify the install of Windows XP SP2 on your Intel-based Mac. Check out its page for more details, including System Requirements and limitations (no support for IR, Bluetooth Keyboard/mouse, built-in iSight, sudden motion sensor and the ambient light sensor).

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Another New Forum!

Yes, the pressure got too much – we’re proud to announce the opening of the AFP548 Xsan Forum.

Get posting!

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New Forum!

Yes, we’re sure the questions will start flooding in so we’ve opened… the iPod FM Tuner Forum…OK, so it’s not that, it’s the x86 Forum – for discussing all those issues specifically relating to the new machines and the ongoing transition to an all Intel-based product line. Who wants to go first?

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10.4.4 Released

So, what’s the deal with 10.4.4?
Well for a start it’s the OS for the new Intel chip machines – everything from the OS to all included applications run natively – no rosetta required. But what else? Read on for some highlights:

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