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Boot Camp!

So, it’s not exactly server related, but it’s worth mentioning. Today Apple have released the public beta of Boot Camp – a piece of software to simplify the install of Windows XP SP2 on your Intel-based Mac. Check out its page for more details, including System Requirements and limitations (no support for IR, Bluetooth Keyboard/mouse, built-in iSight, sudden motion sensor and the ambient light sensor).

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  • So… XP SP2 or later…. does this mean I can install Windows Server 2003 on a mac mini and finally have a portable server integration demo/test system? I’m not going to work today…

  • This is cool I guess. I can see some use to this. What I really like is seeing Apple’s
    stock price jump 5 points, since I own a 100 shares. Thanks Apple.


    A Mac Today keeps the PC Aways….laughs….

  • Just a question why did you install win on your macbook pro? Which app do
    you need absolutly?
    Just curious…

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