AFP548 Site News January 10, 2006 at 5:54 pm

10.4.4 Released

So, what’s the deal with 10.4.4?
Well for a start it’s the OS for the new Intel chip machines – everything from the OS to all included applications run natively – no rosetta required. But what else? Read on for some highlights:Some improvements for AFP with regards to performance when resharing Xsan volumes.

ClamAV gets an update to version 0.87.1

Changes to System Image Utility, Netboot and NetInstall for 10.4.4 systems – yes that means Intel chip Macs.

Some OD improvements for large scale deployments

Ditto Password server

Full details are available here

Finally there is also a separate Admin Tools update for 10.4.4 – the major change here obviously allowing the new machines to remotely manage your servers. Full details here

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  • I have installed 10.4.4 Server on my Xserve and it appears to be running just fine. I run this Xserve for two functions – a SpamAssassin front-end to Lotus Domino and a VPN server for my users to VPN into the network. Works great.

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