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Xserve RAID update

In a small rev., Apple today announced support for 750GB drives in the Xserve RAID – now giving it a massive 10.5 TB capacity. Along with that also came a price drop.
The drives are available as a CTO option – the standard configs are 1TB, 3.5TB and 7TB
Full details are on the Xserve RAID site

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  • We just updated our Xserve RAID to the new 1.5.1 firmware, and installed our own 750GB seagate drives into it.

    Works like a charm. (This is not apple supported).

  • Existing LUN masks are unaffected. All that is lost is the ability to edit them.
    You can hold on to your copy of 1.5 admin tools if you need to change
    anything on existing configs.

  • I’ve read elsewhere that Apple is suggesting that people use Zoning in
    order to restrict access, but at least on my Qlogic switch, zoning doesn’t
    work at the LUN level (anyone know how to do this on the SANbox

    Has anyone verified that editing the LUN Masks using 1.5.0 actually
    results in LUN Mask changes on the 1.5.1x firmware?

    For us, lack of LUN Masking is a big drawback and removes the cheapest
    way to share storage on an XServe RAID.

    For those who haven’t used this, LUN Masking lets you use the
    various LUNs in your XServe RAID as individual disks connected to
    separate machines by restricting visibility to a subset of the machines on
    the FC switch. In short, this allows you to use the XServe RAID on a
    bunch of machines attached to a local FC network without having to
    purchase XSan at $1000/seat. The downside is that you don’t get the
    SAN capabilities. The upside is that each machine’s access is less
    complicated (basically, it is a set of individual local disks).

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