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ARD 3 Released

Yes, it’s here! With new features including remote Spotlight searches, remote drag and drop, shared clipboards, curtain mode, Automator actions, a task server and smart computer lists there’s a veritable feast of stuff to get excited about. Check out the new Apple Remote Desktop page.

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  • I love the shared clipboards, curtain feature, and dragging & dropping files between screens to copy them.

  • How about the widget…. I can’t get mine to show any lists. Have to type the
    host every time….

    Any ideas anyone?

  • I have to say that I LOVE ARD! So far, the upgrade process and added
    functionality of ARD3 has been rock solid. But one thing troubles me…

    I would like to take a file(s) and copy it to a bunch of computers. If the
    computer is not on the network, asleep, or off, the task should be held until
    the computer in question becomes available to ARD. Why can I do this with
    package installs but not file copy??! Why isn’t there a "Task Server" option in
    the file copy window? Making a package out of a single PDF file (so it could be
    added to a Task Server) would be quite overboard…

    • My guess is that Apple wants a bill of materials and the receipt so that they know
      the files were really installed and that they’re not just overwriting files at your
      whim. Each package contains a BOM and Mac OS X keeps receipts for each
      package installed (unless you clear out the receipts directory manually).

      Morgan Aldridge

      • You can always just make your own pkg to copy a file. You can make a
        payloadless pkg to deliver a shell script at a scripted time as well. It’s a blast to
        the past, but it works.

        Breaking my server to save yours.

        Josh Wisenbaker

    • I agree with you, I think we should submit this to Apple’s bug tracker https://

  • …been using it for a week and its sweet!

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