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*** WIP *** Mail shoot-out

Well, it was going to be a big shoot-out with all the big names in OSXS Mail solutions, but trawling through them all would have taken far too long and got far too boring. So imagine that the preliminary rounds took place behind close doors and you’re here for the final. We’re going to be pitching the commercial Kerio Mail Server up against free-if-you-don’t-need-all-the-features Zimbra Collaboration suite which comes in 3 flavours (one free, and two paid-for).

Read on for the results…Lets look at each one in isolation, take the good and the bad and then see how they compare head-to-head.

Kerio Mail Server 6.2
The Good
-Ridiculously easy to setup and configure, with a clean GUI that is largely self-explanatory and a manual that covers everything pretty well (and some good articles in their online support for those topics not in the manual).
-Integration into a central Directory Service (either OD/LDAP or AD) along with an app that adds in Kerio’s schema extensions into /etc/openldap/schema/kerio-mailserver.schema)

-True multi-level spam blocking with tag and reject levels, with a GUI for creating custom rulesets for SpamAssassin


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