Cyrus Squatter for OS X Server

Squatter indexes Cyrus mailboxes for faster searching

The version Apple includes in OS X Server is a bit busted so download it here.

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Using Entourage 2004 for Exchange Connectivity

Sick of being stuck with Outlook 2001? Then Entourage 2004 might be a way out of Classic mode. I’ll even tell you how to convert those nasty .pst and .pab files. Two for one in the third party app department today! (Updated 8/11/2004)

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Procmail on Panther Server

For those of us who either don’t want to use sieve, or haven’t been able to make it work properly–despite Mr. Rennich’s best efforts to help–setting up procmail filtering is not too difficult.

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Asterisk on MacOSX with Aqua GUI tools

We have made an OSX build of Asterisk, the open source PBX and telephony server available as an OSX install package.

We are also developing Cocoa based GUI tools for configuration and management of Asterisk on MacOSX. A pre-release of the first GUI tool is now available.

For more information and download links check out the Asterisk Wiki …

here, here, and here.

All open source under the GPL!


Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd.

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Use diskutil in 10.3 Single User Mode

Have you tried to run diskutil in single user mode only to be shot down by a ‘lazy carbon values’ error message?

Read on to find out how to get diskutil to run in SUM on Mac OS X 10.3.x!

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eDirectory Open Directory plugin

Kanaka – a plugin for OS X clients to better use eDirectory

Not that you couldn’t do this before with just using the LDAPv3 plugin, but this tool should make things quicker and easier.

Join the beta program to try this out.

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Ktrace – the admin\’s secret little helper

Find out everything about any process on your box.

Use ktrace to trace kernel activity for any process.

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xtar from Helios

Backing up and restore can be a problem but I have recently found that xtar (free from Helios) is a wonderful solution to this problem.

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My Favorite OSX UNIX Tools

I’ve learned almost everything I know about UNIX on my own, and even when I’ve been shown how to do something from the command line, troubleshooting often puts me on the path of self-instructed discovery. Here are some tools I use a lot (specifically in OS X), when mapping uncharted territory.

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Installing Much Needed Developer Tools Remotely

MacTroll has been very good about posting helpful tutorials for the installation of various unix-type tools and plugins for OSX Server. However, many of you might find (as I have) that attempted unix installs sometimes just don’t work (usually with a returned error like "no c-compiler found" or the like). This is because Apple has kindly left out a bunch of unix stuff from the base install, including the all-important gcc compiler for installing/compiling unix software. For those of us lucky enough to have physical access to the problematic server, it’s easy to pop in the Developer Tools CD and install Developer Tools.mpkg by double-clicking. However, I recently found myself needing to install some unix stuff, and had neither Developer Tools nor physical access to the server. So here’s what I did.

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