Script Archive

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!

Add your own scripts to the script archive in the Downloads section.

If it’s helped you out, it deals with OS X Server, and you’d like to share, please drop it off.

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FreeRADIUS installer for OSXS

Get FreeRADIUS working with Open Directory users

Take a look at this pkg installer to get a radius server running on your OS X Server.

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Logging in

I have imported all of the former bbs usernames into the new system. So, if you had a login for the bbs you should be able to login with the same name and password here on the new site.

If you can’t login, but think you should be able too, drop me a line and I can reset your user record.

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convert postfix-watch to full blown postfix on X Server

This is a tale about getting rid of postfix-watch.

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Headless Xserve install

Nobody told me it didn’t come with video!

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Tiger Server Preview

An overview of upcoming Tiger Server features

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Updated Spam/Virus controls with OS X Server

Amavisd/ClamAV/SpamAssassin with OS X Server 10.3.3

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AFP548 is now in syndication

Get your RSS feed here

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What the……

New site for AFP548

We’ve got a new look, all powered by Geeklog. With a whole heap of new features.

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The great big Panther SSL article.

Everything you’ll need to know about setting up SSL on Panther Server

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