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Entourage 2004 – Networked Home Folders

Getting Entourage 2004 to launch a second time after installation.There seems to be some discussion about entourage 2004 and networked home directories. It seems that you are able to setup an entourage account the first time with a networked home.

However, after you finish the setup relaunching Entourage either results in an error 16008 or the app will not open at all. I have been able start it after the error by launching the ” Microsoft Database Daemon” located in the “office” directory. When doing this before launching Entourage each time, it seems that it will run without error.

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  • The Carbon Registration Database lives at ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/
    Carbon\ Registration\ Database

    If you’re going to copy it through CLI ensure you use the ditto command if
    you’re on a system previous to 10.4, or copy it through the Finder…

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