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Better periodic maintenance

This solves a problem with laptops (and/or desktops) being on again off again and perhaps missing the absolute time of the cron jobs run via periodic (daily, weekly, monthly).

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Split routing for VPNs

We are getting to roll out Laptops to bunches of Faculty and staff and the Windows VPN server and the Windows Laptops play well with each other and the Windows laptops even have a little check box that you can check to tell it to NOT use the default gateway on the remote host. The Macs have no such "little check box".

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WIP * Server on the Cheap – Part 1


You Need a set of Services – ( Mail, File Servers, Web, etc)

You are on a budget, (home use, elementary school, small office)

When you are done – you want to be able to point at something and "know" just what you’ve done and how it "really" is working.

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Analyzing Amavis logs – UPDATED

Turn your spam into colorful art!

Use amavis-stats and rrdtool to chart out your spam/ham/virus history from your mail logs.

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CDPR – Cisco Discovery Protocol

Are you on a Cisco Network – and need to know just what switch and port you are on?

try the cdpr tool –

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