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WIP * Server on the Cheap – Part 1


You Need a set of Services – ( Mail, File Servers, Web, etc)

You are on a budget, (home use, elementary school, small office)

When you are done – you want to be able to point at something and "know" just what you’ve done and how it "really" is working.

Read on….on the quick and dirty here is what we’ll be doing

1) install OSX 10.3 from scratch
2) run all of the updaters
3) install OSX Developer’s tools
4) install fink
5) install an updated PHP5
6) create a working administrative user
7) re-direct all systems level emails to the new working admin

testing for phase 1
send email to the following users
"working admin"

if all of that is working then Phase 2 is ready
8) install awstats to analyze logs for BOTH mail and web
9) install clamav/Amavis
10) create mail aliases for clamav, virusalerts, spam.police
11) install amavis-stats to analyze the amavis logs
12) install ntop to monitor the network
13) build log rollers for all pertinent logs (mail, apache, amavis, etc)

phase 3
13) harden the box (set the firewalls, check ports, revisit permissions on all tasks)
14) sieve and squirrel to make a more robust mail system

phase 4
fun stuffs
15) gallery – your own photos online
16) calendars
17) blogging
18) portals

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