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LABMAN 2010 June 7-9


Labman will be celebrating it's 11th Year at Northampton Community College on June 7th – 9th, 2010

Labman continues to be a low-key, inexpensive, and friendly conference intended for persons who are involved in the maintenance of computing labs in higher education, K–12, or library facilities. We are looking forward to the continued enhancement of the content shared an presented each year by fellow lab managers.

Please see for more information.  We have some great events lined up and look forward to seeing old and new faces this year.

I will quickly note that I have attended 8 LabMan conferences over the years and hosted 1 of them.  I have found them to be both enjoyable and useful while being a fairly "cheap date" – even the one I got to stress out about while hosting 🙂 .  I encourage folks to seriously consider going, especially if you are out on the East Coast.  

Tom "Macintosh Doctor" Johnson

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Aqua Connect Giveaway

Aqua Connect is giving away a 20-user license of their server and 20
thin client workstations to an educational institution in order to promote more green computing. Bring along
your own Xserve and you'll have a full lab.

More details and the rules for entry can be found at

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Force local computer to home sync back

We're testing the following process to see if we can force a user's local computer will copy back to their home folder remotely. Been working with an Apple rep on this and we were successful in doing this on a test account. Please backup before you try this.

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Quota Monitor Menu

Quota Monitor Menu

By Adam Gerson 

The Situation: You have a Mac OS X Server with network home directories and disk quotas enabled.
The Problem: The Mac OS Finder on client machines does not have very good support for warning users they are approaching their file quota limit. They end up all of sudden unable to save files with little or no explanation as to why.
The Solution: QuotaMonitorMenu places the user’s home folder quota status right in the menu bar. It will also pop up warnings at regular intervals. All warnings and text are customizable.
Download (Now with package installer!)
Screen Shot

If you would like the source code or have any questions please feel free to email agerson AT mac DOT com

Read more Webcast June 19th 2007: Intermapper

The next webcast, Intermapper, will take place on Tuesday, June 19th 2007 at 10:00am PDT.

In this webcast, join John Sutton from Dartware and Matt Federoff from Vail Unified School District as they discuss InterMapper.  Learn how InterMapper, a  cross-platform network monitoring, mapping, alerting and fault finding software, can maximize uptime with 24/7 monitoring of your network's health.  See how, with InterMapper RemoteAccess, the server/client configuration adds tremendous scalability and flexibility to monitoring your network.

The webcast ID needed to view the June 19th 2007 webcast is "MacEnterprise".

The passcode for the webcast is "257782"

For more information on how to view the webcasts, please visit:

To view the webcast, go to the following web page 5-10 minutes prior to the webcast start time:

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Importing updated certificate requires previous to be first deleted.

If you are using the Server Admin GUI to update/replace an expiring certificate (say, from Verisign) with a newer one that has the same hostname/common name, here is tip so you don’t get stumped:

When looking to replace/update a certificate, you’ll need to delete the existing certificate before importing the newer one (using Server Admin is fine for that).

If you attempt to import the newer certificate an incorrect error dialog appears saying that the certificate data/passphrase may be wrong and to double check it.

The error dialog is wrong.

It should alert you that a certificate with the same hostname/common name already exists on the server and you’ll need to remove it before importing the current one (yes, bugs have been filed with Apple already).

The only tip off as to the real issue is in the system.log which reports an error from the server manager deamon stating a certificate with the same identity already exists.


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LabMan 2006 Lab Management conference

Lab Admins Unite!

LabMan is a low-key, inexpensive, and friendly conference intended for people who manage, supervise or maintain computing labs in higher education, K-12, or library facilities regardless of platform or technology they maintain. That said, it does indeed have long running and strong Mac presence.

This year it runs from June 6-7 at Purdue University in Indiana. More info at the conference page.

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Spotlight for the Network

Search your network shares through a web interface. has released Searchlight 1.0 which allows you to use Spotlight on a server through a web interface from a client machine. In addition to finding documents you can also set up saved searches and get change notifications.

We haven’t had a chance to play around with this yet, but we’d be interested to hear from anyone that has. For the $29 that it costs, it would seem to be an intriguing product.

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Using Screen as a ZTerm Replacement

Read on for a quick tip on using screen instead of zterm for serial line communications.

Read more Announces Macenterprise day

On behalf of the Steering Committee, we would like to extend an invitation to everyone to attend the MacEnterprise Day in San Francisco. This FREE meeting and conference event will be held Sunday June 5, 2005, one day prior to the opening of Apple’s WWDC 2005.

We will be discussing topics relating to all aspects of deployment of macs in the enterprise, including:

-Directory Services
-Beginning your Enterprise deployment
-Network Home Directories and Directory Services
-Parallel computing, including XGrid and Pooch
-Apple Remote Desktop innovation
-Advanced troubleshooting
-Enterprise Streaming Services, including Audio and Video

as well as roundtable discussions about what’s hot in the enterprise today!

Registration is now open, and seating is limited. For more information, please visit:

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