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Another New Forum!

Yes, the pressure got too much – we’re proud to announce the opening of the AFP548 Xsan Forum.

Get posting!

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How to Delete Old User Mailboxes

We have quite a large turnover of staff, and over a period of time I noticed that once users accounts were deleted in WGM, (and indeed none functional), their mailboxes were still present and showing up in SA.

There is a how-to floating about (url below) which will kill these mailboxes, but it seems it only works prior to deleting user in WGM.

Anyone any ideas?

How-to url:

This how-to is accurate overall, but there are a few nuances that you might be missing that aren’t explicitly spelled out in the paper.

Read on for the solution…

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Universally Great Widget!

Our new RSS widget is now universally great – well, ok, perhaps I mean it works on the new Intel based Macs. Either way, you can now download the updated version which works both on PPC and Intel in our downloads section.

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Using Screen as a ZTerm Replacement

Read on for a quick tip on using screen instead of zterm for serial line communications.

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A Better Way of Automating Software Updates

Managing Software Update with Open Directory is a nice feature of v10.4 Server, but trying to automate the delivery over those updates is a little cumbersome. Some users have set up a cron job to periodically execute the softwareupdate command-line utility. Doing so can present some issues like updates that require a restart, missed updates because the client was powered off during the scheduled execution, as well the question about applying updates while a user is currently logged into the client.

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Setting ByHost settings in 10.4 using WGM

I’m not sure if this is already known news but it was news to me when I discovered it a month ago.

You CAN manage ‘byhost’ settings in 10.4.

Read on for more…

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New Forum!

Yes, we’re sure the questions will start flooding in so we’ve opened… the iPod FM Tuner Forum…OK, so it’s not that, it’s the x86 Forum – for discussing all those issues specifically relating to the new machines and the ongoing transition to an all Intel-based product line. Who wants to go first?

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10.4.4 Released

So, what’s the deal with 10.4.4?
Well for a start it’s the OS for the new Intel chip machines – everything from the OS to all included applications run natively – no rosetta required. But what else? Read on for some highlights:

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Macworld Updates

So, amid the major announcements of 10.4.4, iLife 06 and a new version of iWork something interesting was mentioned…something about Intel…

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