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Saving Window Views on Remote Server Volumes

Keeping Finder views the same for your users can be a real pain in the rear.

Read on for a number of tips about getting this to work they way you want.

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AD User Disk Quotas on OS X Server

A strange request for our first “AskAFP”: I’m interested in knowing what people want to do with disk quotas on OSXS for AD users.

I’m coming up with a few scripts that should automate this whole process. I’m curious to know if people want to enforce quotas on a group basis, or just for users. Also, are you enforcing quotas for all of your AD users, or just a specific group of them. Anything else you want to do with quotas?

BTW, if you know Cocoa and are looking for a project that deals with server, give me a shout.


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WIP * Server on the Cheap – Part 1


You Need a set of Services – ( Mail, File Servers, Web, etc)

You are on a budget, (home use, elementary school, small office)

When you are done – you want to be able to point at something and "know" just what you’ve done and how it "really" is working.

Read on….

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Analyzing Amavis logs – UPDATED

Turn your spam into colorful art!

Use amavis-stats and rrdtool to chart out your spam/ham/virus history from your mail logs.

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Using pwpolicy to Manage User Password Policies via CLI

Have you ever wanted or needed to change a user’s password policies from the command line? Read on to find out how pwpolicy can help you manage user’s passwords without Workgroup Manager.

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OS X Server 10.3 Mail Backup

Script to backup both Postfix and Cyrus on OS X Server 10.3

Get the backup script here and read more to find out how to use it.

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SpamAssassin 3.0 is out

New version of SpamAssassin released

SA 3.0 brings new features like better Bayes filtering and support for SPF and SURBL. Learn about thenew features or just go the main SA website. Also note the new logo! Not quite as cheesy.

I hope to update the spam/virus controls with postfix and OS X Server article soon with support for SA 3.0. Since amavisd has been prepped to work with it for some time it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Setting up a Network Library Folder

An article that helps you create /Network/Library.

A quick walk-through of setting this up by Jason Bruder can be found here.

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Log Rolling made easy in 10.2.x-10.3.x

Log Rolling with periodic

How to get periodic to keep all of your logs tidy.

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Do it yourself .Mac

Is your iDisk a little poky and just not quite big enough?

Build yourself an iDisk locally on your server! Use to back up your Mac systems to your own file server. See the detailed Solo .Mac article here.

Ed. Note: While the article walks you through doing this on a FreeBSD box, the methodology will help you to do this on your own server. The biggest sticking point is the DNS, since you’ll need to co-opt the iDisk DNS records. The article has you just stomp on the entire domain, which is probably a bit ham-fisted. Instead just create a host record in /etc/hosts for the specific address that you want.

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