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Apple Releases Security Update 2004-09-07

Get your update from Software Update or from Apple’s Update page.

A gargantuan boatload of fixes including Safari and Kerberos, so read the link to find out exactly what. This update is for 10.3.4-5 and 10.2.8.

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***WIP*** cyradm Shared Folders syntax

I’ll incorporate this into the other article.

I had a deal of trouble with cyradm after installing it – things simply would not work as I wished (though the install was easy).

I wanted shared folders for employees at my client’s office, but couldn’t seem to hack out a shared folder in Other\ Users/ – then, while digging through the advanced config for Mozilla Thunderbird, I got it…

cyradm -u [usernam] [fqdn]
– here i entered my password as prompted-
localhost>cm Shared\ Folders/Spam
localhost>sam Shared\ Folders/Spam lrswip

(the order of the acl flags seems to matter)

(also, the master "Shared" Folder must be named "Shared\ Folder" – the \ escapes out the space in the name…)


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Mail Server Shootout – Call for Entries Now Closed

I’ve got a solid list of 10 mail servers, so give me a bit to put together the review…

I’m hoping to put together a fairly lengthy review of mail servers available for OS X Server and I want to make sure I don’t miss any. Read on for what I’m going to compare.

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