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Tiger ACL’s and everyone permissions

Q: Ok there has to be a way to do this… I just upgraded to tiger and I have some sharepoints that many users access. When a user creates a file or folder in the share point it gets the standard 755 umask. I used to be able to get around this by changing the AFP protocol to inherit permissions instead of POSIX behavior. Now the only way to get that functionality in tiger is to disable ACL’s!. When I use NT boxes I can add an “everyone” user into the ACL list. Does this exist in Tiger? Help!

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J2EE Deployment

How the … do I keep JBoss happy?

I’m having trouble finding troubleshooting information for the default JBoss installation on OS X Panther Server. Either no one is using it or no one but myself has had any trouble with it!

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Command to return currently used network interface?

Ed. Note: There are a number of ways of doing this, so I'm curious as to what people are using in their scripts?does anyone no of a terminal command that will reveal which network interface (built-in ethernet, AirPort, etc.) is currently in use? it can return en0 or en1. i'm not looking for whether the port is active, but the one that is currently being used.

thank you,


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Simple Print Accounting System for Mac OS X Server

A customer of ours needs to implement a simple accounting system for their printers. They are using a Mac OS X Server as a printserver for the users. That seems to work ok, but the problem is that there is no kind of accounting system. Neither the admin nor the users have any ideas of the users’ present quota situation.

Browsing the web we found two solutions; NINja seems to be overkill and PyKota doesn’t seem to be easy to implement.
Any ideas of easier solutions? A daily script thats gathers info from the appropriate logs and NetInfo records and puts it into a database would do fine.

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Add your own time server

Is there a way to add your own time server to the pop-up menu in the Date & Time preference pane?

I’ve tried entering the IP or DNS name into the preference pane, but it won’t remember it in the menu (when you select a different server it forgets the name of my own server).


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AD User Disk Quotas on OS X Server

A strange request for our first “AskAFP”: I’m interested in knowing what people want to do with disk quotas on OSXS for AD users.

I’m coming up with a few scripts that should automate this whole process. I’m curious to know if people want to enforce quotas on a group basis, or just for users. Also, are you enforcing quotas for all of your AD users, or just a specific group of them. Anything else you want to do with quotas?

BTW, if you know Cocoa and are looking for a project that deals with server, give me a shout.


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