Ask AFP548 March 27, 2005 at 9:40 pm

J2EE Deployment

How the … do I keep JBoss happy?

I’m having trouble finding troubleshooting information for the default JBoss installation on OS X Panther Server. Either no one is using it or no one but myself has had any trouble with it! The first problem is that I cannot stop the appserver from ServerAdmin. It’s always on, not even serveradmin can stop it.

Secondly, there are no log files being written in /Library/Logs/JBoss. The directory is empty.

Lastly, following Apple’s documentation for deploying a J2EE app, it says to run /Library/JBoss/Applications/DeploymentTool.woa/DeploymentTool. I can do this and the web interface opens up, I give it the path to my .war archive and then I’m greeted by some XML parsing error but it doesn’t provide enough information to detail what exactly it’s hung up on. I’ve hit a wall with this but I’m hoping someone might have some advice.

It’s a very simple app, no EJBs just JSPs and some hibernate code. It works fine in a JBoss 4 install I have on my development machine so I’m convinced that maybe my server installation got corrupted.

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