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Nordic Macintosh System Administrators Meeting 2006

In September Apoio will be hosting a 2-day conference for Mac Sysadmins from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
The Nordic Macintosh System Administrators Meeting 2006 will have sessions on Deploying Apple Technology in IT Centric Markets and will concentrate on WWDC 2006 from a Sysadmin perspective, Scripting – how to chose language and three sessions on case studies of Mac OS X implementations.

Half of the conference time will be devoted to group discussions.

More info at (In Swedish)

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Simple Print Accounting System for Mac OS X Server

A customer of ours needs to implement a simple accounting system for their printers. They are using a Mac OS X Server as a printserver for the users. That seems to work ok, but the problem is that there is no kind of accounting system. Neither the admin nor the users have any ideas of the users’ present quota situation.

Browsing the web we found two solutions; NINja seems to be overkill and PyKota doesn’t seem to be easy to implement.
Any ideas of easier solutions? A daily script thats gathers info from the appropriate logs and NetInfo records and puts it into a database would do fine.

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