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Mount Network Homes Easily

Here is a freebie application that mounts network home directories in an Open Directory environment. The program does a quick LDAP lookup and mounts the Volume. It also lets you specify a second mount volume for shared files.

This application is useful for environments that don’t have many MCX clients, yet want to be able to conveniently mount home directories. This is especially suited to elementary schools where student proficiency is still low and IT support is minimal.

Find it here.

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Tiger ACL’s and everyone permissions

Q: Ok there has to be a way to do this… I just upgraded to tiger and I have some sharepoints that many users access. When a user creates a file or folder in the share point it gets the standard 755 umask. I used to be able to get around this by changing the AFP protocol to inherit permissions instead of POSIX behavior. Now the only way to get that functionality in tiger is to disable ACL’s!. When I use NT boxes I can add an “everyone” user into the ACL list. Does this exist in Tiger? Help!

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