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Episode Five – Goodbye Burrito

The current stewards of AFP548 step to the mic this week. Recorded live-ish at Mac Tech Conference 2013, Nate Walck and Sam Keeley are joined by Michael Lynn(a.k.a. Frogor, a.k.a. Satan,) Joe Wollard, Allister Banks, and an unidentified gentleman hoping to find a place to rest himself and his six pack. From salty fried chicken to boring debates over packaging, you’re in for it this time.

Show links: https://www.dropbox.com/about Frogor’s python post – https://www.afp548.com/2013/04/25/python-versioning-in-os-x/ Joe Wollard’s DenisonMac – http://denisonmac.wordpress.com Tim Sutton’s http://macops.ca as mentioned by Joe Tom Bridge’s IRC connection post – https://www.afp548.com/2013/02/06/a-field-guide-to-irc/ Sam’s MacTech slides and PSU video – https://www.afp548.com/2013/11/08/security-making-mavericks-work-for-you/ And twitters: https://twitter.com/keeleysam https://twitter.com/mikeymikey https://twitter.com/natewalck https://twitter.com/joe_wollard https://twitter.com/sacrilicious

Allister Banks

Allister has had the honor of writing a book with Charles Edge (http://url.aru-b.com/packtbook), an article or two for MacTech Magazine, and speaking at conferences like MacAdmins Conference at Penn State. He lives in NYC, contributes to various open source projects, and speaks enough Japanese to order food.

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