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Calling all ears! AFP548 has a podcast!

AFP548 has always been about community: like-minded folks found their way to the Apple platform, and some of us even made a career out of supporting “Enterprise at your own risk”(copyright Nate Walck.) After Jody Rodgers got wind of a skunkworks project operating under the pseudonym ‘The Cylinder of Destiny,’ it wasn’t long before there was a great conversation recorded and the AFP548 Podcast was finally ready to be shared with the world. Thanks to Sam Keeley and Nate of course, with audio touch-ups by Tim Sutton. (Produced by Allister Banks, with inspiration from Seb Nash and encouragement from Graham Gilbert.) Subscribe here: (If you have issues, try searching in your podcast players directory service, or you can manually subscribe by entering this URL: )

Show Notes: Jody Rodgers(@jodyrodgers, formerly of Adobe and now of Jamf Software,) joins us to discuss arcs, Washington, and Scrum Mastery. Allister Banks hosts. Links mentioned in this episode: – Kevin Lynch videos and other coincidental stuff…tent_and_app.html…er_of_time_off.html -CompSci inspiration: Bret Victor preso at DBX  

Allister Banks

Allister has had the honor of writing a book with Charles Edge (, an article or two for MacTech Magazine, and speaking at conferences like MacAdmins Conference at Penn State. He lives in NYC, contributes to various open source projects, and speaks enough Japanese to order food.

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