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Calling all ears! AFP548 has a podcast!

AFP548 has always been about community: like-minded folks found their way to the Apple platform, and some of us even made a career out of supporting “Enterprise at your own risk”(copyright Nate Walck.) After Jody Rodgers got wind of a skunkworks project operating under the pseudonym ‘The Cylinder of Destiny,’ it wasn’t long before there was a great conversation recorded and the AFP548 Podcast was finally ready to be shared with the world. Thanks to Sam Keeley and Nate of course, with audio touch-ups by Tim Sutton. (Produced by Allister Banks, with inspiration from Seb Nash and encouragement from Graham Gilbert.) Subscribe here: (If you have issues, try searching in your podcast players directory service, or you can manually subscribe by entering this URL: )

Show Notes: Jody Rodgers(@jodyrodgers, formerly of Adobe and now of Jamf Software,) joins us to discuss arcs, Washington, and Scrum Mastery. Allister Banks hosts. Links mentioned in this episode: – Kevin Lynch videos and other coincidental stuff…tent_and_app.html…er_of_time_off.html -CompSci inspiration: Bret Victor preso at DBX  

Allister Banks

Allister lives in Japan, has not read the Slack scroll back, and therefore has no idea what is going on.

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