Open Source,Podcasts,Python June 6, 2016 at 9:13 am

Ep. 4 – MacAdmin Easter Egg

Just in time for WWDC, another special guest on the Frogor 45 – Tim Sutton, of Mac Operations fame, here to discuss things non-Adobe… like mcxToProfile.

Mastering by AD⚡️CB logo designer Pepijn Bruienne

Other things mentioned:

Bluetooth fingerprint unlock apps that shall remain nameless

Ollllld topics like ManifestDestiny

The first time I recall seeing the aforementioned Easter egg in the title

Erik Berglund(of EverythingCreator™ branding, already famous for the Imagr-Casper-DeployStudio-SIU omnibus NBICreator)’s project to supercede ye olde iPCU: ProfileCreator

Banishing OS X from macOS

The FBI hubbub


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