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MacFUSE Installer Packages

Update: MacFUSE are now doing their own installers, and you should definitely all be using those instead of these.

I’ve repackaged MacFUSE as an Apple installer package suitable for deployment.


This package automatically loads the kernel extension for you if the installation volume is the same as the current boot volume.


For those of you unclear on Fuse, it allows you to turn logical data collections into filesystems among other file system functions.. For example you can use this to create an ssh filesystem or perhaps exposing Directory Services as a file system, in addition to other “normal” file system functions like NTFS read/write.

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HOWTO: Configure GNU/Linux to provide BSDP NetBoot services.

HOWTO: Mac OS X BSDP Service using a GNU/Linux Server
This article describes how to setup a Linux machine to provide BSDP services to Apple Macintosh machines.

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