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Backup Solutions, Volume 2

Read the latest installment, outlining some of the best software choices, techniques and practices for backing up your Mac OS X Server.

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Speed up SMB connections for Windows users

Help your Windows users love your Xserve as much as your Mac users do!

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Apple Enterprise Backup Solutions

Overview of OS X backup options.

The most frequent question that I am asked is how someone can protect all of the data that they store on their Xserves and Xserve RAIDs. It’s a good question, too!

Most of us may have other platforms on our networks as well, so how are all of these servers and clients going to play together?

Since I was faced with this question myself, I decided to write an extensive article, detailing some of the cross-platform solutions out on the market today, primarily IBM’s TSM, Atempo’s Time Navigator and Tolis Group’s new BRU release.

The document is housed in the Projects section on my site,, and on I hope this helps shed some light on a very important decision that we all must face with Mac OS X Server deployments.

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Get Yer Updates!

Today, Apple released version 10.3.8 of its famed Panther platform, for both the Server and Client versions.

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Mac OS 10.3.7 Released for Client

I should have known when I typed about the server update that there *must* be a client to match…

Today, along with the previously mentioned Server update, Apple has also updated its client to 10.3.7 on the Client side as well. The update is available from Apple’s Software Update application.

Key features of the 10.3.7 update include:

– Enhancements to TextEdit, allowing certain RTF files to be read.

– Resolution to an issue in Safari, Mail, and other applications that use DNS lookups, which caused connectivity issues.

– Numerous performance gains in World of Warcraft.

– Improvements for compatibility with Pacific Tech’s Graphing Calculator 3.5

Read up on all the goodies here:

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Mac OS X Server 10.3.7 Released

Apple has updated its Server to version 10.3.7 today and it is currently available via Software Update. The update weighs in at 30MB.

Of note, covered by the update include a fix for the AFP issue dealing with long file names. Also included are improvements to Rendezvous registration, OpenGL and graphic drivers, as well as improved compatibility for third party applications and devices. As usual, all previous standalone security updates are included in this update.

For more info:

(note: the link wasn’t up at the time of this posting, but it is listed in the Software Update details.)

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