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Apple Enterprise Backup Solutions

Overview of OS X backup options.

The most frequent question that I am asked is how someone can protect all of the data that they store on their Xserves and Xserve RAIDs. It’s a good question, too!

Most of us may have other platforms on our networks as well, so how are all of these servers and clients going to play together?

Since I was faced with this question myself, I decided to write an extensive article, detailing some of the cross-platform solutions out on the market today, primarily IBM’s TSM, Atempo’s Time Navigator and Tolis Group’s new BRU release.

The document is housed in the Projects section on my site,, and on I hope this helps shed some light on a very important decision that we all must face with Mac OS X Server deployments.

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  • Sure and that will work, as long as your not trying to plan for any sort of
    disaster recovery. The Xserve RAID provides a great deal of storage and
    performance for the cost, but unless your replicating that RAID offsite, if your
    primary site goes, so does your data.

    If you get a well built and supported tape library, you shouldn’t have daily
    issues. I know the pains of dealing with a defunct tape library and it can be
    no fun at all! The solutions I provided in my document were to talk about
    some cross platform software solutions, who don’t think that support means
    blaming everyone but themselves and who’s products work in a reliable
    fashion as well. 🙂

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