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10.5.3 Server: Did they fix it yet?

Today marks the release of 10.5.3 Client and Server. There have been a few nasty bugs in Leopard Server that have given us a headache or two. The primary being being the Directory Services issue with AFP connections. The other one I wrote about awhile ago was in Server Admin and creating DNS records. According to the release notes these bugs and more are eradicated. As well as AD binding issues, DHCP, Software Update Server, Password changes and augment directory records. You can read about it in detail here and download the combo updater to boot:

 Please post comments back to see if you 10.5 Server annoyances are gone. I know I have quite a few things to test this week.

(Ed. Note. One of our favorite additions in 10.5.3 is the ability to create augment records in WGM now. So all you advanced server config users rejoice!)

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Apple posted its Second Version of Open Directory Administration Guide.

There were some bugs in the first version of the "Mac OS X Server Open Directory Administration For Version 10.5 Leopard"  

Check out the new version. 

Open Directory Administration

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