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Quick how to on DNS, Open Directory, and network home folders.

Piecing together all the information in the tiger server docs is a pain. I created these two pages to show people how to setup Tiger server as an Open Directory Master and share out Home folders.

Ed. Note: We have some more in-depth versions of this in our downloads section, but these are good overviews for the impatient.

OD Master setup

Network home folders

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Mail backup script for Tiger

A while back Joel put up a script to backup the key components of the mail store for 10.3 server. With Tiger, we got the added benefit of AMaViS/ClamAV/SpamAssassin so I made a few changes…

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The group will be presenting a Webcast on the Casper Suite of Macintosh Management Tools on Tuesday, September 13 at 1:00 pm EDT. Zach Halmstad, a Support Specialist and Developer from JAMF Software, will be presenting.

The Webcast will cover the 3 main functions of the Casper Suite: Inventory and Asset Management, Imaging and Remote Deployment, and Maintenance. Case studies will be presented by Jason Wudi of the University of Wisconsin and Eau Claire and Bill Hansen from Colle + McVoy.

For more information on how to watch this Webcast, please visit the website:

The broadcast ID needed to view the webcast is ‘macenterprise‘. Starting with this webcast, QuickTime 7 will be necessary to watch the live webcast. To download this and the most up-to-date version of the cast:stream software, please go to:

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Digital asset management

I wanted to have a consolidated list where myself and others can conveniently find digital asset management solutions. Specifally at the moment, this list excludes records management and web content management software. The software listed varies between business- and enterprise-class scalability and flexibility. Clearly amateur or small-scale solutions are excluded.

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Configuring Tiger’s syslogd to accept logs from external devices

Getting syslogd to be network aware in Tiger

While we have an earlier article on this, it was only for 10.3. So here’s an updated version that will walk you through using syslogd with launchd.

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