Articles by: AaronAdams

Setting up a catch-all e-mail address in Tiger Server

This past weekend, I had my first request to set up a catch-all address for a domain in Tiger server. It’s fairly simple, and it requires some command line interaction.

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Creating, mounting, and dismounting disk images from the command line

Recently I was writing a shell script in which I needed to create a disk image, mount it, write to it, and dismount it. The command in OS X that manages disk images at the command line is hdiutil, and the man page is rather long. The syntax for the command is simple, but there are a lot of options to consider. In this particular example I’m going to create a sparse image that is only as large as the data contained within the image. You can adapt the command to create images to fit your needs.

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Setting Up the TFTP Server in Tiger

As the networking infrastructure guy, I occasionally have the need to update hardware or backup settings using the TFTP protocol. I’ve noticed that there are plenty of good instructions for how to make this work with Panther, but almost none for Tiger.

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Configuring Tiger’s syslogd to accept logs from external devices

Getting syslogd to be network aware in Tiger

While we have an earlier article on this, it was only for 10.3. So here’s an updated version that will walk you through using syslogd with launchd.

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Securing Tiger Server IMAP, POP, and SMTP with self-signed SSL

One of the great new additions to Tiger Server is the ability to easily create self-signed SSL certificates to secure services such as LDAP, Jabber IM, and mail. This article will cover my own implementation of SSL for mail services, however, it will probably be helpful to anyone wishing to secure mail services on their Tiger Server.

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