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AFP548 Crusies Past 100,000 Hits in Only 20 Days

In the wee hours of the morning today the new passed the 100,000 hit mark. That’s 100,000 hits from over 14,000 unique visitors on the 20th day since the redesign.

The staff

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Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.3.5 and Mac OS X Server 10.3.5

Apple has released Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.3.5. Read on for more info…

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Cyrus Squatter for OS X Server

Squatter indexes Cyrus mailboxes for faster searching

The version Apple includes in OS X Server is a bit busted so download it here.

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Using Entourage 2004 for Exchange Connectivity

Sick of being stuck with Outlook 2001? Then Entourage 2004 might be a way out of Classic mode. I’ll even tell you how to convert those nasty .pst and .pab files. Two for one in the third party app department today! (Updated 8/11/2004)

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Use diskutil in 10.3 Single User Mode

Have you tried to run diskutil in single user mode only to be shot down by a ‘lazy carbon values’ error message?

Read on to find out how to get diskutil to run in SUM on Mac OS X 10.3.x!

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eDirectory Open Directory plugin

Kanaka – a plugin for OS X clients to better use eDirectory

Not that you couldn’t do this before with just using the LDAPv3 plugin, but this tool should make things quicker and easier.

Join the beta program to try this out.

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Ktrace – the admin\’s secret little helper

Find out everything about any process on your box.

Use ktrace to trace kernel activity for any process.

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Java Based LDAP Browser

Need to take a peek into your LDAP schema structure and hunt down some OUs? Take a look at LDAP Browser.

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Creating Domain Admins on an OS X Server PDC

Use the “net” command to create Admin users on your windows machines.

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A True Tale of an Xserve install

Notes of the install process for the new AFP548 Xserve

A discussion of some best practices for installing servers. Specifically those bound for co-locations facilities, but good ideas for any install.

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