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Amavisd log rotation error

In Tiger Server, some typo has been added to the daily scripts, which are located in /etc/periodic/daily/

These scripts are activated by the Server Admin GUI when enabling log rotation on the Mail logs.

The problem here is that the amavisd log is rotated but the amavisd master process is not HUPed, so the amavisd.log file stays empty till this is done… Not very useful.

The problem is located in the 700.daily.server.cyrus file in the /etc/periodic/daily folder.

%logsAndProcesses = ("/var/log/mailaccess.log","syslog",

Yes, read it closely… amivisd… Apple programmer who must have really been tired and fed up with writing config files…

Change the amivisd to amavisd and your problem is solved…

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Blojsom error with Long Names in Tiger

The implementation of Blojsom by Apple for Tiger Server 10.4.x has one serious flaw, which users should be aware of and will lead to a close-down of the whole Blojsom context.

When Users add their blog in the /weblog/ context they should use their short names (with no spaces by default) or use long names which have no spaces.

The name which is added to the blojsom-users directive in the file in /Library/Tomcat/blojsom_root/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/ is not escaped and thus the blojsom parser will choke on this entry.

So please check the file for spaces and replace those names with short names… There is no further implication to this…

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