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Episode Two – Eco-Sphere

Pepijn Bruienne is this weeks Master of Ceremonies, with Charles Edge along for the ride. Beside hot-button, buzz-worthy subjects like LA USD’s iPad deployment and BYO(Apple)D, they find time to talk football and the perils of public speaking.

Show links:
Charles’ MacSysAdmin slides, pdf
Pepijn’s PSUMacAdmins presentation on Youtube

Thanks to Joseph Chilcote and Nate Walck for being awesome. Sam Keeley, however, elevated himself even higher as our patron and benefactor par excellence by taking us Pro on SoundCloud. During the switchover iTunes may cough, wheeze, and sputter as it updates its feed-pointing apparatus. Please use for all your rss feed needs in the future to avoid interruption. Thank you for your support!

Allister Banks

Allister has had the honor of writing a book with Charles Edge (, an article or two for MacTech Magazine, and speaking at conferences like MacAdmins Conference at Penn State. He lives in NYC, contributes to various open source projects, and speaks enough Japanese to order food.

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