OS X,Tips April 30, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Hidden Apple Software Restore (ASR) Documentation

Apple Software Restore (ASR) has some hidden documentation that reveals a few command line options which were previously unknown to most.

A post on jamfnation led to some discussion on ##osx-server about an undocumented ASR command.  Rich Trouton blogged about how to view these commands using a very interesting method.  If you discover what some of these new-to-us commands do, feel free to comment here or over on Rich’s blog with what you discover.

Thanks goes to frogor (Michael Lynn), bruienne (Pepijin Bruienne), gneagle (Greg Neagle) and rtrouton (Rich Trouton) on ##osx-server for this discovery.

Attribution:Der Flounder

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