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Rolling OS X packages with FPM and Homebrew

If you have ever needed to package up and deploy python modules or ruby gems, you know that it is kind of a pain.  It is a very manual process. Enter FPM (Effing Package Management) with its newly minted osxpkg support.  Thanks to Tim Sutton’s recent contribution to fpm, you can now roll Apple Packages.  FPM allows you to package up python modules or ruby gems and spits out an Apple Package for you.  FPM does other cool things as well, check it out on their project page.

Tim gives a brief overview of the new FPM functionality on a recent blog blog and also discusses a clever way to generate Apple Packages that are compiled by brew.

Nate Walck

Nate is a Systems Reliability Engineer at Dropbox, Inc in San Francisco, CA. He runs along with Sam Keeley and is one of the founding members of the ##osx-server IRC channel on He loves being involved in the Mac Admin community and using Open Source projects whenever possible, especially Munki, The Luggage and Puppet.

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