OS X,Tips November 15, 2012 at 7:00 am

“Application” would like to access your contacts.

Sick of that error message popping up whenever an app is opened for the first time on your machine?  Are your end users going crazy because of this?  Fear not, there is a way to suppress these warnings.  Tim Sutton has a post that explores exactly where these settings are stored and how to manipulate them.  He has written a helpful tool in python that makes modifying these settings extremely easy via a login script.  Check out the article here.

Nate Walck

Nate is a Systems Reliability Engineer at Dropbox, Inc in San Francisco, CA. He runs afp548.com along with Sam Keeley and is one of the founding members of the ##osx-server IRC channel on freenode.net. He loves being involved in the Mac Admin community and using Open Source projects whenever possible, especially Munki, The Luggage and Puppet.

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