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Flash Player 11.3 Public Service Announcement

Various Mac Admins have noticed that if you install Flash Player 11.3 using the .pkg file that can be found inside the .app which Adobe provides, System Preferences will crash if you try to use Check Now in the Flash Player PreferencePane.  This does not occur if you install Flash Player using the provided Flash Installer .app.  There is also a new silent install command that Adobe has added to Flash Player 11.3 which avoids this issue.  Sadly, this command is not as easy as just installing an Apple Package silently.

Greg Neagle has a good writeup on this issue in detail here and here.

Nate Walck

Nate is a Systems Reliability Engineer at Dropbox, Inc in San Francisco, CA. He runs along with Sam Keeley and is one of the founding members of the ##osx-server IRC channel on He loves being involved in the Mac Admin community and using Open Source projects whenever possible, especially Munki, The Luggage and Puppet.

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