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The latest Tips and Tricks for Leopard in French

NausicaMedia, the french ACSA company, has translated the latest "Tips and Tricks for Macintosh Management for Leopard" in french.

For all the french speaking sysadmins around the world, you will be able to read the John de Troye's guide for managing your users accounts in your own language.

"Trucs et astuces pour la Gestion du Macintosh pour Leopard" is available at NausicaMedia's website.

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iSCSI Test Results

I've been doing some pretty intensive research down here with iSCSI setups of various kinds. This market segment was a little rough a year ago…but it's much better now. Though there are still no "official" OS X Server setups that support it….certainly not Xsan (too bad!)

read on for a few more iSCSI notes…

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Improved AFP support from Novell

Since we haven't seen much about this elsewhere…

Novell have now released Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1 which includes new Novell-engineered protocol support for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) on the Linux platform.

See for more information.

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