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PKGImage is a modular system deployment tool for leopard (10.5).

Now released here:

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Using Managed Preferences in the DSLocal domain

So this has recently been discussed on the MacEnteprise list, but we thought we'd try and collate these ideas into a real world example.

Most of you should be aware of how you can use MCX to manage preferences for your directory service. Generally these days this is done by either running Open Directory, extending the schema for Active Directory or a standard OpenLDAP installation, or running a "magic triangle" setup where your client machines are bound to both an Open Directory setup and an Active Directory/OpenLDAP setup.

You might think that apart from these scenarios that you don't have any options for MCX management, but that's not true at all. We do have another option. Put MCX controls into the local directory service. 


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Toronto OS X Integrators Birds of a Feather Gathering

Sponsored by IronGate Server Management & Consulting, in association with Digital Transitions the next OS X Integrators Birds of a Feather gathering is taking place at MaRS Discovery District on College St. at University Ave., Toronto, Canada on Wednesday February 6th from 7:00PM-9:00PM.

In this session Steve Hayman will be talking about the state of scripting in Mac OS X 10.5, including recent changes to Applescript, Automator, and other scripting tools. Among other things we'll show off some of the ways that scripting lets you extend Apple Remote Desktop to simplify some common tasks. Why wait for Apple to add the features you need when you can script many of them yourself? 

Registration and more details of the event are available on Apple's Seminar Website 

Read more Webcast on Wednesday January 23rd; Leopard Server’s Wiki

The next MacEnterprise webcast, Leopard Server's Wiki: Easy group collaboration and communication, will take place on Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 at 10:00 am PST (1:00 pm EST). Join Apple's Nader Nafissi, Senior Product Manager, as he provides an overview of features and services in Mac OS X Server v10.5 Leopard's Wiki Server.

For information on how to participate go to the participant information page. 

The login ID for Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 is Wikiserver

The login passcode for Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 is 212128

 *Please note the day change to Wednesday*


For more information on how to view the webcasts, please visit:
Go to the following web page 5-10 minutes prior to the webcast start time:

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Using avelsieve to edit Sieve filters in SquirrelMail on 10.5

Leopard Server has all of the pieces installed for sieve filters for server-side mail filtering, but if you want to use the SquirrelMail filter interface to allow users to add filters, then you have to do a little work.  We've provided a pkg to install the avelsieve package that allows you to install it the plugin to SquirrelMail, but it is a bit incompatible with 10.5 Server.  

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