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Creating an Adobe CS3 Installer with pkgGen

For those who have yet to create one, here is a introductory guide on how to create an Adobe CS3 .pkg installer ( in lieu of the slient install ) with little to no fuss, and more importantly no real manual interaction with all the associated files. I have modified a perl script from Geoff Franks that was created for parsing Microsoft Office update log files to now parse the output of logGen

I encourage the community to send back code additions and bug reports. 

Here is the link to the pkgGen Article on my companies blog

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Getting SMB Network Homes to Automount with 10.4 Client and Windows 2003 Server

I'd been wrestling on and off at work for a few months with a thorny issue.  Management wanted to see user's network home directories (hosted on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and manged with Windows 2003 Server and Active Directory) automounted for background syncing of select folders during user sessions.

Read on for a quick thing to check when AD integration begins to go south… 

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Creating stable and unstable branches with Apple’s Software Update Server.

Recently we've seen a few updates that have caused some stability problems from Apple, notably some of the wireless drivers with recent Santa Rosa based MacBook Pros.

If you're running an Apple Software Update Server for your Mac clients, and you should, as it gives you a point of central control of available updates, as well as saves on bandwidth costs…. then it's somewhat frustrating that all your users have exactly the same packages available to them.

Ideally you want to be able to have a group of guinea pigs who are happy to live on the edge, and only once you've performed QA on an update do you allow it to be available to your clients.  Apple's Software Update Server doesn't allow you this functionality out of the box, but we're going to show you how you can achieve a simple setup of an unstable branch that contains every single update, and a stable branch that only contains the updates you've enabled via the Server Admin GUI.

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Read more Webcast on Tuesday August 21st; Aqua Connect Terminal Server

The group will be presenting a Webcast on Aqua Connect Terminal Server on Tuesday, August 21st at 1:00pm EDT (10:00am PDT).


Join Aqua Connect's CTO, Joseph Cohen in introducing terminal services for Mac OS X.  Discuss thin client support, how to deploy full feature OS X desktop to PC's and handheld devices, centralized installation and maintenance of programs, and other ways minimize your IT workload using terminal services for Mac OS X.


The webcast ID needed to view the August 21st 2007 webcast is "MacEnterprise" 

The passcode for the August 21st 2007 webcast is "066705"


For more information on how to view the webcasts, please visit:



Go to the following web page 5-10 minutes prior to the webcast start time:



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Hardware RAID now on an Xserve Near You

Along with all the iApp/iMac announcements yesterday, Apple quietly released an internal hardware RAID card for the Intel Xserve as well as a PCI Express RAID card for the Mac Pro.

Read on for more details… 

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