Tips May 15, 2006 at 12:05 pm ARD and Automator: A match made in heaven

The next webcast, Apple Remote Desktop 3 and Automator: A match made in heaven, will take place on Tuesday, May 16. Join Nader Nafissi, Product Manager for Apple Remote Desktop, Sal Soghoian, Product Manager for Automator and Steve Hayman, Senior Consulting Engineer for an informative discussion on how you can use Apple Remote Desktop 3 and Automator to automate your routine management tasks. Learn how you can create Automator workflows using the over 30 actions included with Apple Remote Desktop 3 as well as how you can create your own actions.

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The feedback mechanism will be undergoing maintenance during this webcast. Therefore, there will be an AOL chat room available at "macenterprise" during the webcast to post questions.

The passcode for May 2006: 818087

See the Webcasts section <; for more information.

Go to the following web page 5-10 minutes prior to the webcast start time:

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