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Link Aggregation and Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2 Server

Hi all,

A tip for all who need to configure link aggregation on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2, Xserve G5 and 3Com Gigabit Switches (SuperStak III 4924 – 3C17701).

Install latest firmware from 3Com.

Enable LACP on the two ports connected to the Xserve G5 and don’t waste time to manually add the ports to link aggregation set.

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  • The same happens with the switch 3com SuperStack 4950

    • After enabling Link Aggregation it’s important to setup the netwerk interfaces
      correctly. If you’d like to do this command line you’ll need the following

      networksetup -createBond LA1 en0 en1

      Aggregate en0 and en1 as bond0 (replace bond0 with your favorite

      networksetup -createnetworkservice LA1 bond0

      Create a new network service named LA1 (or whatever you’d like to call
      your new network service) using ‘hardware’ port

      networksetup -setmanual LA1

      Setup LA1 with IP address netmask and
      router (use the same settings as currently set to en0)

      networksetup -setdnsservers LA1

      Set the DNS servers

      networksetup -setMTU LA1 9000

      Enable Jumbo Frames (optional, don’t forget to enable jumbo frames
      on your switch too)

      networksetup -setv4off "Built-in Ethernet 1"

      networksetup -setv4off "Built-in Ethernet 2"

      networksetup -setv6off "Built-in Ethernet 1"

      networksetup -setv6off "Built-in Ethernet 2"

      Turn of the networking on Built-In Ethernet 1 and 2, as this is now done

      Try if it works by pinging your router and disconnect one of the network
      cables. Don’t panic if the network stalls for a moment (up to 30 seconds). The
      network is reconfiguring itself.

  • As soon as I tried setting this up on a managed DLINK gig switch( with the
    newest firmware) ,I kernel panic’ed.I am wondering if anyone else has set this up
    with a dlink.We had some arp poisoning going on a little after that and I am
    pretty sure that was the cause but I wondering if anyone has set this up with this
    brand.Hard to test in a prod enviorment,hooha for dmg restores!

    • I tried Link Aggregation with Tiger 10.4 (not Server) and a Netgear ProSafe™
      48-port Gigabit Smart Switch (Model GS748T). Could not get it to work. I set
      the two ports on the switch to port trunking. The linked the two ethernet
      interfaces using the Network control panel, which said that the switch was not
      set up for link aggregation.

      Contacting Netgear support, they claimed that the switch’s implementation of
      link aggregation only worked when connected to another switch, not a

      Has anyone had any luck with such switches and link aggregation under


  • I tried LACP on an Asante Intracore switch months ago and had success
    everyone but one place: Netboot. Netboot didn’t recognize the bond1 interface.
    Since the server was our primary Netboot server that killed the plan.

    Has anyone had any success with bonding and Netboot? Perhaps with system
    software updates?

    • You need to set netboot up on one interface in SA, then create your bond, then
      go into the NIDB and edit the records to point the netboot server at the bond
      interface name.

      Server Admin, just is ignorant about the bonds. So watch out against using it
      again from that point for netboot. I’ve not tried it, but I imagine the CLI tools
      would work.

      Breaking my server to save yours.

      Josh Wisenbaker

  • Just an FYI. We have Asante GX5-2400W switches. While they do support
    "trunking" it is not the protocol required by OSX for link aggregation. It
    merely enables the trunking of two or more GX5 switches.

    Matthew Kosterman
    Chief Executive Geek

    DeltaQuest Imaging, Inc.

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