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Bootable xrdiags CD

Have you ever wanted to run the Xserve Remote Diagnostics without setting up a netboot server? Well now you can. Full instructions can be found at the following web site.

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  • What about modifying it to run Apple Hardware Test or ASD for other machines?

    ACSA 10.4/10.3, ACTC 10.4/10.3, ACHDS 10.3, ACDT, ACPT

  • xrdiags command searches for remote systems ready to run the diags. It does not run diagnostics on the system that it is run from. Even with a bootable CD you still need two systems, one to test and sone to run the xrdiags command from. However with the xrdiags CD you dont have to have two servers as the admin can be run from a client without a Netboot server and as this is easier than setting up NetBoot on OS X client this is the way to go.

  • This worked excellent. Thanks for the great tip. It did take me a bit of figuring
    out. In case anyone isn’t quite sure of the procedure:

    – Boot the troubled machine off the CD you just made.
    – Have another machine on the same hub/switch, and set its network to DHCP.
    – Then run the diagnostic command with -t to start the test. You will see the
    test kick off.

    Thanks for taking the time to figure this out. : )


  • Worked great for me testing Xserve G5 Dual 2.3. Installed the diagnostic on my
    PowerBook and created the boot CD using the first set of steps. Ran both the
    quick and extended tests as expected. Extended test took nearly 2 hours to
    complete, the more RAM you have the longer the test will take.

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