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My Favorite OSX UNIX Tools

I’ve learned almost everything I know about UNIX on my own, and even when I’ve been shown how to do something from the command line, troubleshooting often puts me on the path of self-instructed discovery. Here are some tools I use a lot (specifically in OS X), when mapping uncharted territory.

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Installing Much Needed Developer Tools Remotely

MacTroll has been very good about posting helpful tutorials for the installation of various unix-type tools and plugins for OSX Server. However, many of you might find (as I have) that attempted unix installs sometimes just don’t work (usually with a returned error like "no c-compiler found" or the like). This is because Apple has kindly left out a bunch of unix stuff from the base install, including the all-important gcc compiler for installing/compiling unix software. For those of us lucky enough to have physical access to the problematic server, it’s easy to pop in the Developer Tools CD and install Developer Tools.mpkg by double-clicking. However, I recently found myself needing to install some unix stuff, and had neither Developer Tools nor physical access to the server. So here’s what I did.

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Java Based LDAP Browser

Need to take a peek into your LDAP schema structure and hunt down some OUs? Take a look at LDAP Browser.

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Creating Domain Admins on an OS X Server PDC

Use the “net” command to create Admin users on your windows machines.

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A True Tale of an Xserve install

Notes of the install process for the new AFP548 Xserve

A discussion of some best practices for installing servers. Specifically those bound for co-locations facilities, but good ideas for any install.

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Open Directory Backup Script

A script to back up your OD Server

This will dump your LDAP, Password Server and Kerberos KDC databases to a backup folder. Get it in the downloads section here.

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Disk Imaging for Mac OS X Made Easy

They slice! They Dice! Disk images have become an invaluable tool for Mac admins everywhere. Read on to find out more.

(Minor updates for item removal. 4/15/2005)

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Entourage 2004 – Networked Home Folders

Getting Entourage 2004 to launch a second time after installation.

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LDAP Contact Database Utility

Great application to help you manage LDAP address books.

Don’t get your hands dirty with LDIF files, use this app to migrate your contacts from Address to your LDAP database. Get Address Book 4 LDAP here.

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We don\’t need no stinking blogs!

A little clarification on what the new site is all about

Cue the music, grab another drink and let me bring out the soapbox. I’m nailing a manifesto on the wall.

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