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    It took some experimentation and some close study of the imapd.conf man page, but I figured this out.

    1) I edited imapd.conf to enable the altnamespace and set a sharedprefix for the shared folders. This may not be necessary, but it looks good. I also considered naming a postuser, but decided to leave that blank.

    2) I created the shared folders in the altnamespace with cyradm and set the inital acls to anyone write and anonymous p . I’ll tweak these later.

    3) I edited /etc/aliases (NOT /etc/postfix/virtual!), adding the following aliases to deliver to my three shared folders (sales @ mydomain . com, &c, &c):

    sales: +sales
    orders: +orders
    quote: +quote

    saved it, then:
    sudo postalias /etc/aliases
    sudo newaliases
    sudo postfix reload

    And I’m done, no need for creating a user account in workgroup manager or anything else.

    Thanks for your attention!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)