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  • in reply to: Problem With ClearReg #382533

    Ahh sorry guys new forum has me confused. Please move this into the instaDMG side of the forum please

    in reply to: 10.7.2 OD replica connects but won’t sync #381600

    This morning i updated the servers to 10.7.3
    I rejoined the replica to the master and everything synced fine
    All the settings from WGM on the master have replicated across to the Replica.

    I am relieved to say the least

    in reply to: Proxy Popup #381599

    I have deleted the /System/Library/LaunchAgents/
    According to post on Macrumors this is harmless.

    I can confirm that my logs are no longer getting filled up with AuthBrokerAgent requiring access to our proxy

    Oh and thanks greg i have subscribed to the mailing list now and NOT the google group.
    Sorry for being a noob :S

    Also just on a side note The University Of Adelaide is now using Munki for software deployment to its student fleet (only 120 machines)
    Our pilot ends this week and now with this proxy issue resolved we have sign off from everyone and can start rolling out.
    Management is really impressed by what munki has been able to do and asked “why isn’t it that easy with windows” LOL
    The best part is that i did it all for free for them they didn’t have to buy any expensive suites.
    So with instaDMG, DeployStudio and Munki we have a new fully managed Mac fleet that runs perfectly *fingers crossed*

    in reply to: Proxy Popup #381597

    Thanks for the help allister i really appreciate it.
    I have tried joining the macenterprise group numerous time and have emailed the group owner to get membership but it never gets granted so all i can do is read them.
    I have just sent off another request

    in reply to: Firefox Import wizard #381596

    Hey Allister, that link provided my some help and then i found what i needed back on one of greys pages in the comments.

    I have tested this and it works perfectly

    [i]Don’t forget the ability to disable the Import Wizard: create a file /Applications/ The contents should be as follows:


    Thanks for the link if i had not followed it i wouldn’t have known about override.ini and wouldn’t have searched for it for OSX

    in reply to: Firefox Import wizard #381593

    Hi thanks for that, i actually have done all of the stuff greg has shown and it is working perfectly.

    I am using CCK and then deploying that configuration out to the machines. Our proxy is set, the homepage is set and updates are turned off.

    It is just the first run though. There is not an option for that CCK.
    From the link you supplied

    [quote][i]Secondly, how do you disable the import wizard? I know previous we could create that override.ini file within the Firefox application, but now that we’re moving away from that, what option does CCK give me to cover that?


    GregN Says:

    October 21, 2010 at 8:34 am
    There’s obviously things the CCK cannot do, or may not do exactly the way you want. I don’t know if the CCK can disable the import wizard — we haven’t had a need to do that.[/i][/quote]

    in reply to: Proxy Popup #381592

    Sorry i am pretty new to instaDMG.
    If the image has been created and deployed, how is instaup2date causing this.

    I have had a look on an image that has been deployed and i can’t see /Caches anywhere.

    Is there something i am overlooking?
    i am not having a problem with instaup2date not being able to get updates when building the image. The problem is with an image that has been created with instaDMG and then deployed to a student lab.

    in reply to: Firefox Import wizard #381586

    Does anyone have a trick they are using for a deployed version of Firefox that prevents Firefox trying to import settings on first load.

    Our students all run on AD accounts that create a local profile each time they log in (Or home folders are DFS so i am up the creek)
    What this means though essentially is that they get this message each time they log into a machine.

    I know that ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox is what is created the first time.
    The issue i am having is that if i grab this from one machine and have a login script that copies it to that location, when they load firefox it doesn’t ask for the import but it locks itself and has to be force quit.
    If I delete that folder then firefox opens but prompts to import settings.

    I am sure that it is due to a random folder code ring created e.g. (~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/pk2ri4yl.default
    This unique folder does not like being copied to a new machine for some reason.

    i have tried putting the folder in /Library/Application Support instead but still get prompted for the import wizard for each user

    Any hints or advise would be greatly appreciated.
    I have created the managed settings using CCk and am deploying these as an extra app. That is all working fine and the proxy and homepage have both been set correctly

    I am also having the same problem for OpenOffice doing essentially the same thing but thats another issue all together.


    in reply to: Proxy Popup #381584

    I understand it is not fixing it and my logs are filling up to prove it. But i have a deadline and need to have an image ready for when students come back in a couple of weeks.It appears to be common with schools and proxies. It is the AuthBrokerAgent that is doing it but i have no idea why.
    It happens and an absolutely fresh and clean install as soon as you log into the machine

    There is a thread here about it and it is something that has started with 10.7

    I have seen elsewhere that people have had success with
    [code]sudo launchctl unload “/System/Library/LaunchAgents/”[/code]

    the only problem is it gets an error and can’t unload it from launchctl
    If i do a [code]launchctl list[/code] i can see that it is in there i just can’t unload it

    in reply to: SMB print with Kerberos #381578

    okay it looks as though the command that i said DOES in fact set kerberos even though it does not show it through the cups page.
    I have confirmed printing is working and is authenticating correctly.

    in reply to: SMB print with Kerberos #381576

    The machines are bound to AD and our own ldap
    They are using ldap as authentication so that NFS homes will work.
    Due to this smb printing will not work by default and needs that Kerberos option enabled.

    I found a whitepaper from apple that has the following
    lpadmin -p printername -o auth-info-required=negotiate

    however it is not enabling the option either.

    in reply to: Proxy Popup #381567

    fixed it with this

    [code]sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/[/code]

    no more pop up YAY 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    in reply to: Proxy Popup #381564

    This is happening on a machine that has already been deployed. Not on the machine i am trying to build the image on.
    The building process is fine and i have an image that is built with create user working.
    When i deploy this image on to a workstation and log in is when i get this proxy pop up

    Are there remanence of instaDMG in the image that gets deployed?
    If so where?

    in reply to: Unable to run #381283

    I updated the vanilla build file to include the following disc versions **11B2118 is the macmini and macbook air version**
    [code]Installer Disc Builds: 11A511, 11B26, 11B2118, 11C74[/code]

    Still no luck though
    [code]Finding the Installer disc for 10.7_vanilla
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 716, in
    File “./”, line 678, in main
    foundInstallerDiscs = findInstallerDisc.findInstallerDisc(allowedBuilds=thisController.installerDiscBuilds)
    File “/Users/itsadmin/Desktop/InstaDMG/AddOns/InstaUp2Date/Resources/”, line 201, in findInstallerDisc
    Resources.commonExceptions.FileNotFoundException: Unable to find OS Installer disc in any provided folder: [‘/Volumes/Data/InstaDMG/InstallerFiles/InstallerDiscs’, ‘/Volumes/Data/InstaDMG/InstallerFiles/BaseOS’] ([‘.DS_Store’, ‘InstallESD.dmg’], [‘InstallESD.dmg’])

    I am able to mount the installESD.dmg and everything looks fine i can see the Install Mac OS X Lion icon and the folders that go along with it.

    in reply to: Unable to run #381282

    I am still not having any luck. i have placed a copy of installESD.dmg in the following folders but it is still not working

    I am wondering if it could be something to do with the 10.7 vanilla catalogue. The mac mini that this installESD.dmg was downloaded from is brand new and comes with 10.7.1
    Could it be that the installer discs at the top dont include this version?

    [code]Installer Disc Builds: 11A511, 11B26[/code]

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