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    I have an Xsan 1.4.2/ Tiger Server dual MDC w/2 Edit Xsan clients.

    Edit 1 is a Tigar Box, Edit 2 is a Leopard Box. The Tigar Box has no problem with the Xsan media…mounts RW and can play with full control. However, the Leopard client, although has access to the Xsan media, is having permission challenges. Example… cannot move folders around without being asked to authenticate against the workstation admin account. Or, can’t open files within certain folders, etc…

    I should point out….on the Tiger box, the info window for the Xsan claims Read Write, whereas on the Leopard box, claims Custom.

    I should also point out that, prior to my inclusion on the problems, the Edit 2 station was a Tiger client. Was frivolously upgraded to 10.6 (not compatible with Xsan 1.4.2) then downgraded to Leopard.

    Not sure how to manipulate permission on an Xsan volume that is supposed to simply mount Read/Write.

    Thanks to all who may contribute.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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