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    I see phrases “Golden Triangle” and “Magic Triangle” used in reference to Active Directory.

    What are they? Are they the same thing? I searched the site and even googled for it. Can anyone give a clear explanation or a link to one?



    How about a ** cough ** white paper on reverse integration in which OD is the top tog in the authentication chain and AD gets it’s user password and account information from OD as opposed to always being the reversal..


    Basically the entire reverse of the ODM Server into AD setup:

    OD Master –> AD (Pointed to ODM for users and passwords) –> Client authentication (either Mac or PC). User AD to manage AD workstations and group policies and OD to hand down the users.

    Same way as where we can use OD in the middle of AD and the Mac OS X Clients, it would be nice if you can do it reverse. This way you can migrate away from AD as the centre of the universe.

    Does that make any sense??? It could be a pipe dream.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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