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    We have two locations and in an ideal world I’d like to have one OD user list shared between the two (currently that is working just fine). However, I’d like to implement site-specific home directories (the offices are sufficiently different in configuration that what is a valid setup at one site is not useful at the other, plus the bandwidth between the two is measly). When at site 1, a user would get a user profile specific to that (referencing the local servers, printers, etc) and when at site 2 would get the same for that location. The only data that really follows a user is email, and since that is all IMAP that is not an issue.

    I have been trying to use an internal domain that resolves to a site specific server on both sides (homes.services.internal resolves to on Site 1, and to on Site B), and each machine is bound to the local OD server (Master at Site 1, Rel=plica at Site 2). This doesn’t seem to be working (and I’m not seeing logs that indicate why, just that it failed).

    Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Is it even possible? Or is there a better way to manage this? At this point I’m looking at just splitting the OD and managing the accounts twice, since the Home Directories is becoming a bigger issue.

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