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    Very occasional user here, so forgive me if this has alredy been covered.

    A graphics department has an XServe and clients, all on 10.6, integrated into an enterprise AD network with single sign-on. When 10.7 was new, there were enough questions and issues and file handling concerns to make us reluctant to update. And so everything has stayed on 10.6.

    Once 10.8.2 is out, has the time come to upgrade clients and server? Does 10.8 play nice with Microsoft infrastructure? Their admins think Apples are for eating and a Macintosh is a type of raincoat, so the result of an upgrade must be a system so reliable it is ignorable, because that’s what they will do. 10.6 did that: will 10.8? If we do upgrade, are there any guides for how to successfully upgrade in that environment? You know, pitfalls, best practices, checklists, etc.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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